SEO Mythbusting: A new Google Video Series

SEO Mythbusting: A new Google Video Series

Google launches a new video series from the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst team. Their aims to clarify common misconceptions and the answer pressing questions on many SEO topics.

Google is soon launching a very new video series on its Webmaster YouTube channel, called “SEO Mythbusting.” The video series from Google will feature Martin Splitt from the Google Webmaster Trends Team. Martin Splitt speaks with developers and SEOs on common misconceptions. This video series will cover almost all the technical SEO to clarify common misconceptions and address frequently asked questions.

You can see the video trailer below, featuring a handful of SEOs and developers within our community, as well as Google’s Martin Splitt:


You can also subscribe to their Google Webmaster Channel on YouTube to follow this series and all the other videos they post.

Why we should care.

As Google put it in the video description, “SEO can be a bit of a black box and it isn’t always easy for SEOs and developers to work together and speak the same language.”

Videos on their YouTube Channel will cover many of these myths and facts. And can be used as supporting data for clients and colleagues who offer points that may not be factually true or recommended in the SEO space.

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