What do you know about Site Kit?

What do you know about Site Kit?

Making website is not enough to earn money from it. You have to promote it too to get advertisements and optimization on social engines. But how do you come to know that how many people are opening your website or how is your website is represented on Google or how many ads you are getting or what is the load time of your site on WordPress?

Google Site Kit

In past, it was not possible to have information about every visitor of your site and about every penny you are getting from your WordPress’s site, but now it is going to be possible because of Site Kit!

Site Kit is the very new plugin of WordPress which is developed by Google to make it easier for SEO professionals to run and manage the site. Thus, Google offers four main features to Site Kit users:

  1. Search Console
  2. Analytics
  3. Adsense, and
  4. Page speed insights.

These four features are available to use on the dashboard of WordPress’s every self-hosted website. And you can use any of them at any-time to know that how your site is performing currently or the current status of new post or blog on your newly created website. 

We will discuss each feature precisely, yet in detail.

Search Console:

Google Search Console is about how your site is being represented on Google. Moreover, by using this feature, you can check from WordPress that whether your site can be optimized or not directly. 
Thus, you can check the mistakes and errors in your content too which is shown of your site on search engine, if you will use Search Console. 
Search Console can make your content or advertisement as rich cards.


Google Analytics can tell you who is coming on your site and what he or she is doing there? Reading your new blog or looking at your new uploaded pictures, or chatting with someone on comments?
Thus, Google Analytics helps the website handlers and controllers to know what the audience likes the most. In other words, it helps them to write that content which effects the behaviour of its readers or visitors.


Google Adsense gives you complete liberty to know practically via computer that how much you are earning through advertisements to whom you have given space. Thus, it helps you to give space only to those advertisements who have catchy slogans and emotion drifting video or content. That’s the reason why this feature can double your customers.
Now, you can operate or use this feature easily through WordPress because of the blessings of Site Kit.

Page speed Insights:

Google Page speed insights gives you scores on your site’s load time or speed. You can share that scores too to get more visitors on your site. Morover, you can secure your site too by using Google DNS system to checks the speed. Furthermore, you can optimize your site too by running page speed modules.

So, these are the explanation of the four features of the Google’s new plugin for WordPress. The plugin will offer bundles of easiness to its users.

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